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Crime Scene Investigator


GLSI have a growing portfolio of equipment. This ability enables GLSI to offer a comprehensive range of solutions to both the UK & International Security market. 

Please contact our team to discuss your requirements to begin exploring a solution with GLSI

Our company has experience in criminal investigation within the UK Police sector. Our Managing Director was a former Detective Superintendent and has worked on large scale international policing improvement projects with the EU Commission and also Interpol.  Policing is core to our business and embraces many aspects from biometric development to supporting CSI equipment.  

We partner with leading manufacturers bringing the latest in forensic technology. The GLSI partner network allows our customers to select from a global list of solutions. Our portfolio is ever expanding due to the solutions we create for our clients. Please check our social media pages where we will communicate new solutions.


RAPID stands for Respond Assess Process Identify Document. RAPID is the latest innovation in field crime scene investigation. With greater emphasis now being placed on onsite processing, GLSI have been tasked with developing a simple modular system which allows the CSI to adapt the field kit to their environment.

Crime Lab Kit is a forensic criminal investigation starter pack for a new crime laboratory. This kit offering includes cyanoacrylate development, chemical enhancement, drying, imaging. We also provide equipment for existing crime labs that require replacement or increased performance.

Based on a lab in a box concept this DNA kit allows a complete pop up DNA lab on site in a modular kit form. Using realtime PCR and a portable disposable tent plus all equipment and consumables required.


Crime Scene Investigators and Police agencies are highly skilled at processing scenes that occur on land. When crimes occur under the water, the approach is generally one that is founded on the presumption that evidence submerged in water is bereft of forensic value.

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