Crime Scene Investigators and Police agencies are highly skilled at processing scenes that occur on land. When crimes occur under the water, the approach is generally one that is founded on the presumption that evidence submerged in water is bereft of forensic value. However, the Marine Forensics provision offers the ability to process crime scenes in, around or under the water.


This equipment pack provides all the necessary equipment needed to set in place a Marine Forensic Investigation operation. As with all GLSI solutions they are tailored to your needs. Contact our sales team for more information on developing a Marine Forensics program within your force.


The RIB is the chosen vehicle type for Marine Investigation Agencies. This vessel is fast, agile and custom built to suit the customers’ requirements. The RIB has a twin outboard engine producing a top speed of 75pmh. Offering 2 options A & B.


Both are represented and the size is relevant to the space available and required by the end client. This representation offers a 6m and 9m variant.

  • Custom lockers for storage of forensic equipment

  • Seat configuration for 4 team unit

  • Equipped with communication VHF Radio/aerial

  • Custom artwork AD Police

  • 2 Colour emergency light beacon on rear (optional)

  • Delta Anchor

  • Easy clean after scene investigation

  • Trailer for fast water access (optional)

  • Hood

  • Diving Mask (+spare mask +spare strap)

  • Wetsuit 3mm Full Length

  • Wetsuit 3mm Short Length

  • Fins (+spare fin strap)

  • Boots

  • Scuba Gloves

  • Cylinder

  • Regulator

  • BCD Harness

  • Underwater Housing for existing DSLR - Based on Nikon D750 / Canon 77D

  • Alternative Camera option is a Sony RX100 with Sony Marine pack

  • Nikon Underwater speed light

  • Sony Handycam with underwater unit

  • Sonar equipment to give imagery of seabed.

  • Handheld Metal Detector

  • Hand Held Lamp

  • Head Light

  • Heavy Duty scale Set

  • Dive Supervision

  • Dive Training

  • CSI Marine Modules

  • Simulation Tests

  • Qualified Instruction

download the pdf brochure.

  • Watertight boxes

  • Filtered body / limb bags (various sizes)

  • Zip seal bags

  • Sheeting

  • Seals

  • Breathable Evidence bags

  • Cleaning for post dive decontamination

  • Suspension Solution

  • Lifting Fingermarks

  • Rugged Case

  • Spray Bottle

  • UV Light

  • Wet Powder Kit

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