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BSL-2 laboratories are used to study moderate-risk infectious agents or toxins that pose a risk if accidentally inhaled, swallowed, or exposed to the skin.


Design requirements for BSL-2 laboratories include hand washing sinks, eye washing stations in case of accidents, and doors that close automatically and lock. BSL-2 labs must also have access to equipment that can decontaminate laboratory waste such as an autoclave, all of which GLSI can provide.

The GLSI 20FT BSL2 Lab is available in either static or trailer based with extended options on each model. 

As with all projects of this kind the logistical element is critical to ensure the laboratory is functional in the field. Each of our laboratories requires movement to its desired location. This is what gives its unique purpose as it can be in situ where real-time processing can take place. We provide a full logistic service ensuring every unit is in place where it can be commissioned onsite to ensure every laboratory is fully operational. 

BSL2 20FT Options






m2 Space

Design Your Lab


Static 20FT BSL2

2438 mm

6058 mm


15 m2


Trailer 20FT BSL2

2438 mm

6058 mm


15 m2




Technical Specification

    Certification & Inspection

  • CSC Certified ISO 6346 compliant 20ft Standard Maritime Shipping Container

  • Independently inspected and accredited to CSC by an accredited external organisation


  • Heavy duty metallic body and external surfaces

  • Made of steel

  • Seamless welding

  • ISO reinforced corners and joints and floor supports x 8

  • External heavy duty expoxy paint


       External Side Walls & Roof

  • 50 mm XPS isolation material (total 62mm panel)

  • Double side 4mm MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard)

  • Double side 2 mm fiberglass sheet

  • Anti-bacterial, anti-static and UV (Ultraviolet stabiliser) panels

      2-rooms laboratory facility

  • 1 laboratory, airtight, with access from the airlock filter room, surface ≥ 8 m

  • 1 filter ante-room, airtight, between the entrance and the laboratory, surface ≥ 2 m2

  • 1 external door and 1 door to the laboratory, preventing simultaneous opening

  • 1 external compartment for installation and management of technical systems

      Technical room

  • Separate to main laboratory and located at the container door ends with a steel bulkhead partition

  • Completely sealed from the main laboratory

  • Contains generator, water and waste tanks, electrical distribution board, HVAC system, back up batteries (if required), air compressor system and vacuum system


  • Three times coated corrosion protected

  • Steel structures sand blasted and shop primary coated

  • Resistant to to atmospheric elements and sunlight


  • Anti-bacterial, anti-static and UV (ultraviolet stabilizer) panels

  • Technical and storage cabinets on trailer chassis laboratories for additional storage

  • Expanding side pod increasing internal space to almost double

  • All floor surfaces will be covered with a 2mm anti-bacterial, anti-static, anti-slip safe, washable hospital vinyl floor

  • 600 mm x 1200 mm sun glass, high isolated. Tempered glass (black colour)

  • HVAC systems providing heat/cooling and negative and positive air pressure where needed

  • 7 cm oval skirting all around the inside floor corners (anti-bacterial surface)

  • Custom laboratory grade furniture made to measure. Includes Steel construction, underwork cabinet, working table. High quality MDF material

  • All utilities housed in a separate technical room for isolation of electrics, water and power supply

Contact us to discuss your mobile laboratory needs or telephone +44 (0)2830 454688

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