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MT-01 Mobile ID Check System

This system is the Android tablet-extended version of the MT-07 product, which works with Android smartphones. A fast effective way to conduct ID checks in the field.

Connection to an AFIS allows the MT-01 to return a result in a fast and simple process.


2.5 second ID scan process complies with FBI image quality criteria.

Mobile Express BIO-ID check system MT-01 provides express ID check solution for law enforcement units using the LS-01 single fingerprint scanner.


  • Tablet PC: Depends on the chosen tablet PC.

  • LS-01 Fingerprint Scanner (WxDxH): 53x110x30 mm

  • Fingerprint Scanner: 0,17 Kg

  • Fingerprint Image Resolution: 500dpi

  • Dynamical Range: 8bpp

  • Signal-Noise Ratio: Minimum 40 db

  • Time for Scanning a Fingerprint: Max. 2,5 seconds

  • Image Quality: Complies with FBI's Image Quality

  • Specification for Single Finger Capture Devices, CJIS-Division, v. 71006

  • Connection Interface: USB 2.0 by OTG converter cable

  • Advanced optical technology of the LS-01 single fingerprint scanner

  • Ability to take fingerprint images without any quality loss even from extremely wet or dry finger skins

  • 1 to N Personal Identification: Papilon MT-01 enables to make express ID verifications

  • Determine whether the fingerprinted person is the suspect

  • Detect identity falsifications from the saved blacklist on the memory card

  • Express ID searches by connecting to the remote APFIS database

  • A tablet PC with Android operating system

  • FBI certified LS-01 single fingerprint scanner

  • A 3G/4G SIM card to establish connection between the tablet PC and remote ID check server

  • An OTG converter cable to connect the fingerprint scanner and the tablet PC

Download the MT-01 brochure.

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Single Finger Scanner

Android Tablet

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