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GLSI have developed a range of CBRN response solutions which can be rapidly deployed at a time of need


GLSI provide a specialist solution service and have the ability to tailor the requirement to suit the operational context. We have developed a CBRN equipment list which is available upon request. This core equipment list has 50 items which are used at a CBRN incident. We developed this equipment provision for a GCC program and this is now available to all.

We have recently developed a rapid response kit for decontamination. This kit is a deployable tent system which provides a 2 channel 3 room decontamination process. The kit comes with all that is needed to set up and begin decontamination at the scene or at a designated decontamination zone.

Contact us to discuss your CBRN sampling needs or telephone +44 (0)2830 454688



PPE CBRN Kit provides a tailored PPE response designed to your needs. We offer PPE to cover all 4 levels of protection.




A critical process involved in a CBRN incident response is to decontaminate the area, equipment and persons who have come into contact in an emergency.



Download the pdf brochure.

In response to a CBRN incident Police & Military require a capability to rapidly respond​. This is a bespoke response sampling kit which provides a tailored equipment pack.

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