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At GLSI we understand the need to develop onsite processing through mobile applications. Explore our mobile solutions to learn what we can do for you.

It is industry recognised that biological safety is of the upmost importance when handling pathogenic microorganisms within a laboratory environment. In line with the World Health Organisation Biosafety Guidelines we have developed level 2 and 3 biosafety mobile laboratories which deliver on function, cost and quality. The 2 standard size options are 20 and 40 foot. These can be trailer mounted or static depending on your requirement. The BSL range was established to service a United Nations framework over a 5 year period and includes a wide range of laboratory equipment options to choose from. 

As well as BSL2 & 3 we also produce mobile units for almost any function. We can design any format of our base models to create the ideal solution including equipment, consumables and training followed by ongoing service and maintenance.

To determine the correct mobile solution a consultation process must be carried out to identify all the design characteristics required. Our design process uses a base model system which is then customised to meet the needs of the customer. We have developed a quick design form which allows the user to select the base model and equipment needs from our predefined list and then we can begin adapting the design brief to develop a completely tailored solution.

Laboratory technician with PPE on working inside a biosafety level 3 laboratory


Contact us to discuss your mobile laboratory needs or telephone +44 (0)2830 454688

     Custom Built Labs: Ideal solution for field research, environmental sampling onsite analytical processing, forensic investigation, CBRN site analysis, mobile command centre.

     Worldwide Service: Our solutions are available to any customer anywhere in the world. We build all our units and then ship them by sea to be assembled and commissioned onsite. 

A GLSI Mobile Container Laboratory being lifted onto a container ship. GLSI logo on outside of container.

     Global Delivery to anywhere in the world

    Equipment Included: Select the equipment you require and include it in the project proposal. We work with leading industry equipment providers to offer a complete market wide solution.

    Service & Maintenance: Our solutions are available to include a fixed term service and maintenance contract. This includes all equipment so you dont need to have site visits by each manufacturer, we organise everything to keep it simple.



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