• Dimensions (WхHхD), 80х45х180mm

  • Weight, kg

  • Rechargeable battery, type Li-Ion

  • Autonomy in operation mode, 12 hours

  • Fingerprint scanner: resolution 500ppi

  • Dynamic range, 256 grey shades 

  • Image acquisition area 20х20

  • WSQ compression ratio, 15:1 max

  • Scanning and image processing time, < 8 sec

  • Smartphone SONY Xperia Z1

  • Contact smartcard reader ISO/IEC 7816

  • Contactless smartcard reader ISO 14443 Type A/B

MT-07 Handheld Biometric Reader

MT-07 is a handheld biometric reader designed specifically for in-the-field instant identification against AFIS fingerprint databases and for mobile verification of newer generation ID papers.


Reading of ICAO 9303 compliant documents (machine-readable passports, visas and ID cards): up to three lines of MRZ and information stored in contactless chips, including fingerprints and facial images . Reading of information, including fingerprint data, stored in contact cards supporting ISO/IEC 7816 specifications .


Capture of the individual’s fingerprints, transmission to and real-time identification against remote AFIS databases . Capture of the individual’s fingerprints, processing and identification against a local watchlist. Acquired fingerprint images comply with FBI’s PIV specifications. Identification results include demographics and mugshots (if any) from all tenprints determined as mates to the individual under check .


Ergonomically designed, this compact rugged unit incorporates a fingerprint sensor and a contact smartcard reader and is connected to the SONY XPERIA Z1 smartphone with a rotation gear. The smartphone is also used for contactless reading and photography. Offering a variety of communication capabilities, the MT-07 can be connected to remote AFIS databases via GSM, UMTS (3G) and Wi-Fi.

Download the MT-07 brochure.

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