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  • Dimensions (WхHхD), 80х45х180mm

  • Rechargeable battery, type Li-Ion

  • Autonomy in operation mode, 12 hours

  • Fingerprint scanner: resolution 500ppi

  • Dynamic range, 256 grey shades 

  • Image acquisition area 20х20

  • WSQ compression ratio, 15:1 max

  • Scanning and image processing time, < 8 sec

  • Smartphone SONY Xperia Z1

  • Contact smartcard reader ISO/IEC 7816

  • Contactless smartcard reader ISO 14443 Type A/B


Reading of ICAO 9303 compliant documents (machine-readable passports, visas and ID cards): up to three lines of MRZ and information stored in contactless chips, including fingerprints and facial images . Reading of information, including fingerprint data, stored in contact cards supporting ISO/IEC 7816 specifications.

Download the MT-07 brochure


MT-07 Handheld Biometric Reader

MT-07 is a handheld biometric reader designed specifically for in-the-field instant identification against AFIS fingerprint databases and for mobile verification of newer generation ID papers.


Capture of the individual’s fingerprints, transmission to and real-time identification against remote AFIS databases . Capture of the individual’s fingerprints, processing and identification against a local watchlist. Acquired fingerprint images comply with FBI’s PIV specifications. Identification results include demographics and mugshots (if any) from all tenprints determined as mates to the individual under check.


Ergonomically designed, this compact rugged unit incorporates a fingerprint sensor and a contact smartcard reader and is connected to the SONY XPERIA Z1 smartphone with a rotation gear. The smartphone is also used for contactless reading and photography. Offering a variety of communication capabilities, the MT-07 can be connected to remote AFIS databases via GSM, UMTS (3G) and Wi-Fi.

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