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GLSI is a project delivery organisation. We work in a number of sectors and provide a project managed solution. Our expertise is based around law and justice sector and as result we have implemented some breakthrough deliveries such as the recent database management system for the Somalia Police Force. We have had engagement on a number of biosafety and biosecurity projects including the design of several field analytical solutions one of which was a 40ft trailer based mobile laboratory to provide onsite analytical ability in the desert for field research for Anthrax.

Our product solutions have grown as a result of this engagement with international organisations and developed into various areas of equipment provision. If you have a particular requirement then contact GLSI to discuss your needs. 


Our ability to develop innovative solutions enables us to be at the forefront of technological advances in security industry. Working alongside industry experts allows to design to meet cutting edge methods.


Our logistics team operates with specialist security partners with a network which spans the globe. We can distribute equipment anywhere in the world. We meet challenges liek any other organisation but its how we overcome them that stands us out.


We work with a number of leading manufacturers and providing quality equipment is vital to the success of any law enforcement. Were always proactively seeking new partners who can add value to our projects.


Project support is vital to maintaining a constant focus on the project brief. At GLSI we have superior communication channels which allow us to support the project, staff and customer needs.


We provide a service unlike any other. Our in-house team work together forming a project team which in turn can lead to a collective effort through team problem solving.


Our project led approach allows to run multiple equipment provision projects at any one time. Using a project methodology controls time, cost and output.

As a specialist provider of tailored solutions we understand the need to provide a full service including all aspects of project development to ensure a timely delivery within budget which meets the requirements of the customer

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