CBRN sampling is critical to the investigation at a CBRN incident. If a potential threat has been identified then a full investigation is required in order to achieve a safe and sucessful outcome.


RDK stands for RAPID DEPLOYABLE KIT and is designed to provide an instant response in preparedness for CBRN incident. This RDK provides an off the shelf kit which can be deployed when needed. The sampling capability is across liquids, powders, toxic materials and provides professionals with the equipment needed. 

CBRN Sampling Kit

​Each sampling kit can be designed to sample the following;

  • Liquid Sampling

  • Water Sampling

  • Vegetation Sampling

  • Soil Sampling

  • Surface Sampling

  • Object Sampling

  • Powder Sampling

Sample Types

Each kit or modular pack can be tailored to suit the clients needs.

  • Component control

  • Modular selection

  • Ruggedized case

  • Trailer version available

  • Rapid deployment

Tailored Solution
  • Chemical Warfare Agents

  • Biological Warfare Agents

  • Nuclear & Radiological Substances

  • Toxins

  • Chemicals

  • Environmental

Sample Usage Areas

Download the CBRN brochure.

CBRN Sampling Kit

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