Chemical Protection Gloves

Chemical Protection Gloves

SKU: GL3001

Manufactured using a seven-layer chemical barrier laminate material, Kemblok™ gloves provide excellent protection against a wide range of chemicals, viruses and micro-organisms.


Kemblok™ gloves have formed part of their chemical protective suits for many years.  See also chemical protective suits used by emergency services and CBRN teams around the world, providing them with the protection they need during the most demanding of situations.

Can be worn as a liner under heavier gloves providing mechanical protection.

Lightweight & comfortable.

Compatible with the PermaSURE® toxicity modelling smartphone app which calculates safe working times for over 4,000 chemicals.

Working temperature -40°c to 70°c Ergonomic ambidextrous design.

Silicone and latex free.

REACH compliant.

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