Designed to provide an effective method for biometric search and capture, these rugged kits can be used at border control, crime scenes, police stations and election processes.

The GLSI BIO-ID range offers a collection of mobile solutions to capture, store and verify an individuals identity in a secure and controlled process in the field.


What makes the GLSI biometric range different from other manufacturers in the market place?

Unique Patented Algorithms:

With a simple access control system operating on a 1:1 search and verification basis it is a relatively easy process and does not require a complex software application performance. When you focus on law enforcement with populations exceeding 80m database records the outcome is not simply access control but the investigation of a potential crime. The reliability of a 1:n search suddenly becomes dependant on a positive identification.

The algorithm can focus on minutiae data:

When targeting a scene of crime scenario much of the material left at a scene is of partial print make up. When a conventional AFIS system targets this data it can return a false positive identification.


This can lead to an investigation pursuing a incorrect path and have a detrimental effect on the case in question. 

The algorithm can focus on the best print achievable through multiple image capture:

With traditional wet ink fingerprinting you get one attempt which can often lead to a unusable set of ten prints.


When uploaded to an AFIS the poor quality prints will not produce a positive identification even if the provider is already contained with the database. With modern technology taking a livescan print is common place but it is not without its limitations.

No more poor images:

Current systems still produce poor images and wet ink problems such as smudging and distortion still occur. The technology offered by GLSI overcomes this using a sophisticated algorithm which allows both direct fingerprint placement (fingers applied flat to the imaging surface) as well as a rolled print.


This allows the operator to roll and move the finger several times and still the software will select the best available print to be used. This again increases the optimal result and sets is apart from competing manufacturers.

Stand-alone biometric terminal in a way, due to the ability of fingerprint and/or palmprint acquisition, search through APFIS and verification.

MT-01 provides express ID check solution for law enforcement units especially in the critical situations by a small single fingerprint scanner -even portable in a pocket. 

Designed to create electronic forensic quality ten print cards without the use of ink. To transmit them to the AFIS, and perform in  the-field identity checks using touch fingerprints against the AFIS database in real-time.

MKDS-45 Mobile Fingerprint Station

Handheld biometric reader designed specifically for in-the-field instant identification against AFIS fingerprint databases and for mobile verification of newer generation ID papers.



CREATE: Electronic 10 prints through electronic fingerprinting with high definition and accuracy.

INPUT: Latent print images directly from objects/surfaces utilising digital photography.

ENTER: Import electronic 10 prints or scan paper 10 prints and perform search.

RECEIVE: Search results provided by integration to a central AFIS.

SCAN: Perform a single print scan to conduct an express ID check.


READING: Reads ICAO 9303 compliant documents.

PROCESS: 3 lines of MRZ data stored in contactless chips.

INTEPRET: Information can be understood in line with ISO/IEC 7816.

DISPLAY: Immediate display of information extracted from e-passports.

CONNECTION: Connectivity to remote AFIS databases.


RECORD: Facial images can be recorded.

RECOVERY: Identify crime scene evidential material and capture.

ENROLMENT: Capture persons unique markings such as tattoos, scarring, identifying marks.

COLLECT: Collect elimination identification to aid the investigation process.

SCAN: Scan latent print lifts directly on the system and perform a search.

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