Powered Air Purification Suit

Powered Air Purification Suit

SKU: GL1002

The GL1002 Powered Respirator Protective Suit (PRPS) is a one piece gas tight chemical protective suit for use by emergency response personnel after a CBRN incident.


Manufactured from DuPont™ Tychem® TK, a high performance, lightweight, multi-layer chemical barrier material.


Respiratory system comprising a battery powered 3M™ Jupiter™ air filter unit fitted with a visual display unit mounted inside the suit at the base of the visor, and audible alarm.


Battery pack provides 1 hour operational use, plus 15 minutes for decontamination.


Twin JRF-85 gas & particle filters to provide   protection against chemical and biological warfare agents.


Powered respirator and loose-fitting hood provide cooling air over the head and through the suit, making the wearer more comfortable and better able to focus on tasks.

The loose-fitting hood design provides high protection without the need for a tight-fitting face piece, which means:

Many wearers feel less constricted.

Can be used by wearers with facial hair.

Training needs are reduced.

Face-fit testing is not required.


The clear wide-view visor provides reassurance to casualties and victims by allowing easier, friendly ‘whole-face’ communication.

Compared to a gas-tight suit with SCBA, the PRPS suit and respirator is significantly lighter and more comfortable, with easier breathing and less equipment in body contact.

The lower weight and increased user comfort results in a lower physiological load than a conventional gas-tight suit.

Improved operational duration over gas-tight SCBA suits.

Up to six times the resource efficiency compared with gastight SCBA suits thanks to the lower physiological loading and increased duration.

Uncontaminated or ‘decontamination-guaranteed’ suits can be re-used following gas-tightre-test and re-certification Options.

Reusable PVC training suit.

Primary (single-use) lithium battery for Immediate operational use, and rechargeable battery for training use.

Optional rehydration system and hard-hat.

Choice of lightweight dexterity gloves for medical tasks or heavy-duty gloves for increased physical protection.

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